Although we welcome people of all ages, we are a diverse congregation of 300-400 having been blessed many young families with children, a vibrant youth group, and an active contingent of those within the college and career age.


CCA Members are ministered to, pastorally, by seven elders who meet on the second and fourth Mondays of each month. They set the vision and priorities for the assembly, plan visitation and oversee the ministries of the church.  Two of the elders serve as paid staff facilitating the various ministries at CCA.  Brandon Carpenter primarily develops and participates in the teaching ministry, and Jason Lechelt serves primarily in pastoral care and administration. Either Brandon or Jason are commonly available for counselling or prayer during office hours from Tuesday to Friday each week, or in the evenings by appointment.


Following the pattern of the early church (Acts 20:7 and Justyn’s Apology – 150 AD), we place a high priority on the Lord’s Supper or communion service. It is a one hour service that allows many people to lead in worshiping Jesus in the special way He requested and as the Holy Spirit leads us.


We see the Bible as having the “last word” on all matters of faith and practice. This is the key to vital, dynamic Christianity, but also creates inevitable clashes with the values of our culture. We attempt to keep the Bible central through consecutive teaching at the 11 AM service and in small group studies mid-week.


In today’s world, especially, there is a critical need to belong to a community. Merely attending CCA may meet some of your needs, but being an integral part of it is much more satisfying. We strongly encourage everyone to join a “small group”, serve in a ministry, help- someone with house moving, assist a janitorial team, invite a family for dinner, etc. Theses things build community. CCA has a strong tradition of people helping people.


Although it is not always easy to practice, CCA attempts to create a climate where each disciple of Jesus can discover, develop and use his/her spiritual gifts. We are not a congregation of pew-sitters being ministered to by professionals. While theological and professional training will enhance giftedness, we see gifts as the biblical criteria for involvement in the ministry of the church.