1. What denomination is Capilano Christian Assembly?
Technically, we are listed (by the government, for example) as a Christian Brethren Assembly. Practically, we are an independent Bible-based evangelical church.

CCA has loose ties with about seven similar churches in the Edmonton area who are classified as Christian Brethren Assemblies. This connectedness allows some cooperation in operating Bible camps and supporting missionaries but is quite unlike the strong ties within many denominations, especially those with heirarchies outside the local church. Instead, CCA follows the “Brethren” pattern, established in England in the 1830s, of local autonomy. We are thus led by a board of Elders (who look after spiritual issues) and Deacons who take care of the financial and administrative matters and compassion ministries.

2. Does CCA baptize people?
Yes, we baptize anyone who requests baptism and indicates that they have personally accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour. Note: We do not baptize infants but we do baby dedications at the parents’ request. This represents their commitment to raise the children in a way that points them towards faith in Jesus Christ.

3. Can anyone take communion in the 9:30 am service?

Yes and No – Following the teaching of I Corinthians 11:28, we ask people to ‘examine themselves’ and then take part. People who do not know Jesus, or who have unconfessed sin in their lives or who are in conflict with other members of the church, should not take the bread and wine. Usually, they are still welcome to attend the meeting.

4. Does this church take an offering? I haven’t seen it happen.

We believe that those who worship as part of a congregation have the responsibility to support that church and other missions. Yes – we take an offering- if you wish more information, please speak to one of the elders. Using the envelopes (available at the box) allows you to receive a tax receipt at year end.

5. What is the purpose of the veils in the basket in the foyer?
Based on the teaching of I Corinthians 11:5, we ask ladies who are going to speak in the communion service to wear a veil or other sort of head covering. We see the communion service as uniquely requiring this since there is no evident leadership. By contrast, men are required to remove their hats in the same context.