Capilano Christian Assembly began meeting as a church in 1978 and for about 16 years rented the facilities of Mount Carmel Bible School . In 1994, with regular attendance at 120-140, we found ourselves limited by space and began looking elsewhere for a meeting place. The Lord led us to the Korean Presbyterian church (capacity 250-300) where we could share the building with another church.

At the time of our move from Mount Carmel , CCA’s Elders had set down some long-term objectives which can be summarized as follows: Our plans were to grow in numbers and financial strength until we could buy or build our own facility capable of handling a congregation of 300-400. We believed this would be a good size from which to daughter new churches (our second objective). After eight years in the Korean church, the Lord had blessed us with people and finances and that first objective was within our reach.

In March 2001 the dream of having our own building came to pass. After demolition and re-construction on about one third of a 21,000 square foot office complex, we ended up with a sanctuary that could hold 400+ along with rooms for Sunday School, youth, and several offices. Our first meeting in the sanctuary took place on December 23, 2001– a kind of Christmas present from the Lord!

Since taking up residence here on 50th Street , the Lord has allowed us to daughter a new church – Southview Christian Fellowship in August 2003. About 80-90 people left us to begin that church in the Southgate area of Edmonton . More recently, September 2007, about 20 adults and children left us to begin a house church called Agricola Community Church in a location southeast of Fort Saskatchewan .

We continue to be humbled by the Lord’s grace in choosing to work among us in these exciting ways. For many of us this whole process of modest, but steady, growth has been a wonderful “faith builder”.